The World of Woven Women

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ww1The life of women in villages. Once the peaceful noon and the sweet evenings of the women of villages were filled up by their dedication to the woven work(art).  The  Electricity lights did not lighten the villages. When the sun sets, the crickets and the wild fox had started to sound. Then T.V. was a dream to them. Computers, mobile phones were more than nightmare! In the scope of these time, with the help of needle and yarn,   they used to  compose fragmented & short rhymes to express their thoughts, concepts, visualisations and the reflection of their mind.

Let you know some of them…

(1) After brought up in the Father’s house
Have To go to the unknown world.
Strange women’s lives!
You have to make the unknown, your own…
(2) Husband is the God of a lady,
The whole life of her,
I have come to the world to worship him..

(3) Mavaiyah is called by the Goddess
What is your fear of Shavitri?
The sky resonant is calling, echoing
Can a chaste-wife ever be a widow?

(4) Sitting on the branches of happiness they are calling birds

Are you calling God?
Let me know his name and how to call him,
I will call him and if I would be able to have him..**”**

Even the verses of love has taken it’s place easily………

(5) Love is such a quality
Such as “lime with pane”
If you add it more, the cheeks will be burned
If you add it less then it will harsh.”

ww3There is no gain in giving more examples. Apart from the worship of the Gods & Goddesses, there are also the rhymes including their husbands, love chest rhymes, and more about the family. After writing, these were decorated and clad in the soil-wall. These were called carpets. They used to call it as the wall-carpet. It can be said that they used to be very important while looking for the new bride. When the groom and his family had liked it, the special marks were given to the bride.

Rabindranath’s ‘Bawthan'(Sister-in-law), Kadambwari Devi’s favourite poem was ‘Bihiralal’. Whenever he used to go to Thakur Bari, he got in his sitting seat, the famous phrase of ‘Saradamangal’ sown Kadambwari Devi…….

“হে যোগেন্দ্র

ঢুলু ঢুলু দু’ নয়নে

বিভোরে বিহ্বল মনে কান্হারে ধেয়াও?”

[He Jogendra

Dhulu Dhulu Du’Nayane

Bivor bihwal mone Kahare dheyao?”]

The poet who was tormented by the sad demise of Kadambhari Devi, ww4wrote “Sadher Ashon”. It is written in the verse of pain. Today there is no art, and no desire of that mind. It is very usual. May be someone can discover that the pain of women is revealed. The desire to become a chest to her husband is now nothing but a useless thought. Old grannies have kept and stuck some specimens, wounded by the insects, as their memories. Still there is afternoon and evening in the villages of Bengal.  Now there are only the rubbish reality shows and cheap dialogues of it! Most of the village-wives’ artistic talents are ruined in this way.

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