Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary Trek, Sikkim

…But when you come back, you will find that it is impossible to forget about its unforgettable moments captured by your eyes. You can remember all the curves of the trail, you can feel the velvet under the feet, and you can remember different colorful canvas of different species of Guras and vast variety of other flowers. A travel story by Dr. Shiladitya Pujari.

Identity, Development and Marginalization: A Journey Through Tribal Life

Gouranga Chattopadhyay preferred to call these ethnic communities as ‘Fringe Communities’ with the argument that ‘Certain communities in India have tended to stay on the fringes of the Indian society, in terms of participation in the economic, political and ritual structures, for as long as history takes us back…

“Identity, Development and Marginalization: A Journey Through Tribal Life” by Kakali Chakrabarty


Faruque Abdullah Beedi industry has grown-up as an important business in Murshidabad district in the state of West Bengal. In this industry, women outnumber others. Women laborers engaged in beedi industry account for 72.4% of the whole women working force in Murshidabad and this percentage may increase as all of them are not always registered. […]