Harish Mangal Chandi Bratakatha

“The Harish Mangal Chandi Brata is observed on every Tuesday in the month of Baishakh according to the Bangla Calendar. It has been observed by women, both married and widowed. It is believed that by observing this Brata one may get rid of all misery and shall avoid all tears by means of the grace of the goddess – Mangal Chandi.” An article on translation of Bengali Bratakotha in English by Dr. Santanu Banerjee and Rahul Kundu

Damankiyari: The Gem of Directionless Land

It’s 6’O clock in a winter morning, two friends are having a casual conversation over phone. They are discussing about the ‘Ahalyabhumi’, the directionless land. Whimsically, they set a plan and started for it; One from Bengal, other from Jharkhand. And the destination was any village in ‘Ahalyabhumi’. A travelouge written by Dr. Tilak Purakayastha and transcreated in English by Sunita Jash.

The Neglected Jewels-1 : The Temple Complex of Uchkaran

Uchkaran is a remote village in Tehsil Nanur in the district of Birbhum. In 2011 census, the location code of the village is 317702. Postal code is 731301. It is on the state highway from Burdwan to Siuri via Baliguni, roughly 7 kilometres from Nanur. A article on the neglected temple of Uchkaran, written by Dr. Asis Kumar Chatterjee and transcreated in English by Gautam Guha.

Identity, Development and Marginalization: A Journey Through Tribal Life

Gouranga Chattopadhyay preferred to call these ethnic communities as ‘Fringe Communities’ with the argument that ‘Certain communities in India have tended to stay on the fringes of the Indian society, in terms of participation in the economic, political and ritual structures, for as long as history takes us back…

“Identity, Development and Marginalization: A Journey Through Tribal Life” by Kakali Chakrabarty

Marriage Ceremony Of Dharmaraja

Dharmaraja is one of the primordial folk Gods of Bengal. Rituals of worshiping Dharmaraja is very own culture of folk Bengal. Mahamopadhyay Haraprasad Sastri was the one who enlightened Dharmaraja to the elite society. According to him, Dharmaraja was the counterpart of Lord Buddha and the origin of Dharmaraja was from Buddhism’s Triratna (Buddha, Dharma […]

Buraraj Temple of Jamalpur, East Burdwan

Shyamal Kumar Ghosh ” ‘Buro’ from ‘Buro Shiva’ and ‘Raj’ of ‘Dharmaraj’, together with ‘Buroraj’ . Usually by adding ‘Nath’ or ‘Iswar’ is common in this country, not with ‘Raj’. Jamalpur has got it because there are two gods together has become folk deities for the people there.” -Binoy Ghosh There is a railway station, […]