Damankiyari: The Gem of Directionless Land

It’s 6’O clock in a winter morning, two friends are having a casual conversation over phone. They are discussing about the ‘Ahalyabhumi’, the directionless land. Whimsically, they set a plan and started for it; One from Bengal, other from Jharkhand. And the destination was any village in ‘Ahalyabhumi’. A travelouge written by Dr. Tilak Purakayastha and transcreated in English by Sunita Jash.

The Neglected Jewels-1 : The Temple Complex of Uchkaran

Uchkaran is a remote village in Tehsil Nanur in the district of Birbhum. In 2011 census, the location code of the village is 317702. Postal code is 731301. It is on the state highway from Burdwan to Siuri via Baliguni, roughly 7 kilometres from Nanur. A article on the neglected temple of Uchkaran, written by Dr. Asis Kumar Chatterjee and transcreated in English by Gautam Guha.

Dokra Village of Dumka Hills

Since the dawn of urban civilization, the technique of metal casting has been used to make ornaments and armaments as well as article of daily use. Dokra is an important nonferrous metal casting process prevalent in Indian subcontinent. An article on Dokra crafts village of Dumka Hills, written by Dr. Tilak Purakayastha and transcreated in English by Gautam Guha.


Faruque Abdullah Beedi industry has grown-up as an important business in Murshidabad district in the state of West Bengal. In this industry, women outnumber others. Women laborers engaged in beedi industry account for 72.4% of the whole women working force in Murshidabad and this percentage may increase as all of them are not always registered. […]

Furniture in Bengal temple designs

Asis Kumar Chatterjee Introduction We have majorly noted previously that the true picture of the Bengali society was justly mirrored in the panels of the temples of this culturally enriched region. Furniture posed itself as a rather interesting perspective of these many reflections. This niche subject is short but extremely fascinating, and this is what […]