Extinct Ritual of Bengal: The Miniver of Menarche

“On a contrary, we celebrate menstrua festival of Maa Kamakhshya during “Ambubachi”. We feel blessed to attend the menstrua ritual of Bhuu Devi(the goddess Earth), believed as the wife of Lord Jagannath in Odisha. But we act in a different way with our own daughters.” An article on Menarche Festival in Bengali Folk Culture and its significance by Dr. Swapankumar Thakur and transcreated in English by Sunita Jash.

Bhanjo Broto : The Folk Ritual Of Bengal

eligious ritual practices (Broto) form inseparable part of the lives of women in Bengal throughout the year. These are not just to keep them engaged in their otherwise humdrum existence. These holy ritual-intensive practices do in fact reflect deeper truths of great social significance. An article on Bhanjo Broto by Koushik RoyChowdhury and Trancreated in English by Gautam Guha.

The tale of the Dacoit-Kali temple of Devi Chowdhurany-Bhabani Pathak and a the story of an amazing tunnel

The Emperor of Bengal literature, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote his patriotic history based novel ‘Devi Chowdurany’ at Rangpur being aware of this incident. Now there’s a question- how did the Kali temple of Devi Chowdhurany and Bhavani Pathak come in Durgapur? An article on dacoit kali temple at Durgapur in connection with Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Devi Chowdhurani, written by Dr. Tilak Purakayastha and transcreated in English by Sunita Jash.

Soyla Festival of Bankura

In an age when befriending and unfriending is just a matter of a few seconds, courtesy to our social media, it is indeed rare to find an occasion, a festival per say where people take vows of everlasting friendship ceremoniously. Yes,it is such an occasion where two persons join hands together to embark on the sojourn of their new buddyhood, solemnising it before God. An article written by Indrani Sen and transcreated in English by Arnab Chatterjee.

Harish Mangal Chandi Bratakatha

“The Harish Mangal Chandi Brata is observed on every Tuesday in the month of Baishakh according to the Bangla Calendar. It has been observed by women, both married and widowed. It is believed that by observing this Brata one may get rid of all misery and shall avoid all tears by means of the grace of the goddess – Mangal Chandi.” An article on translation of Bengali Bratakotha in English by Dr. Santanu Banerjee and Rahul Kundu

Damankiyari: The Gem of Directionless Land

It’s 6’O clock in a winter morning, two friends are having a casual conversation over phone. They are discussing about the ‘Ahalyabhumi’, the directionless land. Whimsically, they set a plan and started for it; One from Bengal, other from Jharkhand. And the destination was any village in ‘Ahalyabhumi’. A travelouge written by Dr. Tilak Purakayastha and transcreated in English by Sunita Jash.

The Neglected Jewels-1 : The Temple Complex of Uchkaran

Uchkaran is a remote village in Tehsil Nanur in the district of Birbhum. In 2011 census, the location code of the village is 317702. Postal code is 731301. It is on the state highway from Burdwan to Siuri via Baliguni, roughly 7 kilometres from Nanur. A article on the neglected temple of Uchkaran, written by Dr. Asis Kumar Chatterjee and transcreated in English by Gautam Guha.

Dokra Village of Dumka Hills

Since the dawn of urban civilization, the technique of metal casting has been used to make ornaments and armaments as well as article of daily use. Dokra is an important nonferrous metal casting process prevalent in Indian subcontinent. An article on Dokra crafts village of Dumka Hills, written by Dr. Tilak Purakayastha and transcreated in English by Gautam Guha.